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Image Processor CK-IMGPRO1803

        CK-IMGPRO1803 is an advanced image processor customized by Ck company for middle-end customers, which is pre installed with genuine windows 10 operating system, the processor adopts Intel Architecture, embedded with special image processor software of CkVision, fanless cooling system, integrated with 4-way digital light source control system, adopts military grade frosted shell, including gigabit network interface, USB interface, USB3.0 interface, serial port, VGA interface, HDMI interface, 32-way photoelectric isolation IO, etc., which can support up to 4 gigabit network interfaces of 5 million pixels camera Run at time.           
        The product is suitable for multi camera alignment, multi camera high-precision measurement, multi axis manipulator visual positioning and grasping, etc.

CK-IMGPRO 1803  is a cost-effective image processor introduced by CkVision. It can take three 300000 CCD cameras or two 5 million CCD cameras at the same time. CK-IMGPRO 1803 even if multiple cameras are executed, the algorithm will not generate delay. Equipped with full-featured Machine Vision processing software, real-time image transmission, high-speed image matching. It can output measurement results to PLC, network port or serial port at the same time, and the hardware is easy to install. It is widely used.                
Low power consumption aluminum shell, small shape, easy to be embedded in the equipment           
Built in special creative machine vision software           
Support 16 channels of photoelectric isolation I / O           
VGA display support           
Support 4-way GigE camera input           
Support RS232 communication           
Supporting guide rail installation           
300000 image CCD cameras x 3           
1.3 million CCD cameras x 3           
2 million CCD cameras x 3           
5 million CCD cameras x 2

ROI setting Rectangle, rotating rectangle, ring, polygon
Color function Color filtering, matching and binarization
Measuring tools Boundary, angle, inner diameter, outer diameter, radian, tolerance, length, width, flatness, coplanarity, included angle, thickness
Location tools Contour matching, gray matching, edge positioning
Image tools Image storage, image adjustment, defect filtering, color graying, color extraction, image preprocessing, image correction
Calibration tools Reference coordinate, world coordinate, scale standard, nine point correction
Detection tools
Area, brightness, image contrast, blob, detection edge, detection spacing, vertex measurement, caliper measurement, edge scanning, linear measurement, circular measurement, gray matching, contour matching, contour defect, barcode reading, character reading, color recognition
Communication tools RS232 、TCP/IP、 status input, status output, accept command, send data, accept data, write to PLC, read PLC
Logic tools Execution process, conditional jump, cycle start, cycle end, if start, branch start, branch node, branch end
System tools
Define variable, modify variable, array tool, data judgment, condition judgment, display data, update view, wait delay, timing tool, result status, data list, play sound, data analysis, add data

Main structure dimension drawing

Main board interface location (front)

Location of main board interface (reverse side)

Expansion card interface location (front)

Expansion card interface location diagram (reverse side)

For detailed host interface description, click here download


About our testing process:            
The test process of Ck includes the following stages:           
1. Set your goals with Ck's sales engineer      
Because each visual project represents a unique set of challenges. Our goal is to understand the key factors for the success of the project. Ck's sales engineers work with you to understand what your test objectives are and what functions best meet them.           
2. Propose test solution           
Once the test objectives are defined, we propose a solution that specifically meets those objectives. A typical proposal outlines project tasks, deliverables, schedule, and costs. We use your test requirements and specifications to design solutions that meet your goals.           
3. Improvement proposal           
If necessary, we will improve the proposal to reach a consensus on a final plan to meet all specified test criteria, timelines and budgets.           
4. Implementation plan           
We execute test plans, use our proven test methods and industry best practices, and complete all test tasks on time and on budget.           
Communicate project status with defect reports and test summaries during a test project. Defect reports are available in real time to our sales engineers.           
We provide personalized attention during project execution and at all other stages of the test project.           
5. Project completion and next test cycle plan           
At the completion of the test project, the customer receives the final deliverables of the project. This may be the final report, test automation script, or other test documentation.           
In addition, most projects receive a detailed status report outlining the progress of the test project. This is particularly useful for functional test projects, where you can provide useful summary information about specific problem areas and suggestions for further testing.           
Then, we work with the customer to determine if another test cycle is needed and, if so, how much further testing is needed.

* In order to be able to process the information in time and feedback the results to you,it is recommended to contact us by email:Click send email

* In order to be able to process the information in time and feedback the results to you,it is recommended to contact us by email:Click send email

CkVision parameter list of image processor

Model CK-IMGPRO 1803
CPU Intel Celeron Processor N3160(Slab cutting)
Main frequency up to 2.24 GHZ
Memory 4GB
Graphics card intel HD Graphics
Provide interface 1X DC 12V IN
Switch / indicator 1XProwder、1XProwder LED、1XHDD LED
Display interface 1XDVI-D
Serial port 1XCOM
Mesh port
3x Intel Gigabit LAN(Two of them expand machine vision through mini PLC dual network port module)
GPIO 1XDIO (16 BIT,with isolation)
Power supply 100~240V  50/60HZ 60W
Power output 12V/5A
Size 185mmX130mmX72mm
Operating temperature / humidity Negative 10-60 degrees / 10-90% no condensation
Storage temperature / humidity Negative 20-70 degrees / 10-90% no condensation

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