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Mobile phone fit

Time:2020-03-09  Source:未知

Machine Vision is widely used in mobile phone fitting. According to the needs of customers, it needs to fit CG and OCA, and then LCM.           
Customer requirements:           
Size 3.5-7 inches           
Fitting accuracy ± 0.05mm           
Visual FOV < 10 mm           
Mechanical accuracy ± 0.005mm           

The image processor calculates the coordinate and angle deviation between CG and OCA, and sends them to the upper computer. Mechanism grabbing product fit.           
Confirm through preliminary scheme:           

The resolution of 1.3 megapixel camera is 1280 × 960, and the pixel size is 3.75 μ M.           
The lens is a 1-time telecentric lens with a working distance of 110mm.           
At the same time, changing the plane light source to the far center light source can obviously improve the precision and the far center lens depth of field.

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