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Defect test and vision solution of BYD polar products

Time:2020-03-13  Source:未知

Product defect detection of lithium battery pole piece           
      The process of cell phone lamination is complex, and there are many processes that need to use Machine Vision



A lithium electronic manufacturing process needs to go through raw material processing, mixing, coating, cutting, die-cutting, disc, welding, capping, air extraction sealing and other processes. In the process of lamination, vision can be used for alignment, welding positioning, liquid injection hole position detection, etc.



 The defects of products in the production of die-cutting process, such as die-cutting deviation, edge damage and edge bottom, obvious edge curling visibility.           
        The customer needs to detect the defects of the product in the production coating process. The area of impurities or missing foil defects on the internal surface of the product is acceptable ≤ 0.3mm2, and the visibility of product cracks, wrinkles and scratches is obviously unacceptable. At the same time, the overall dimension of the product needs to be tested.


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