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Instrument reading Machine Vision system

Time:2020-03-14  Source:未知

Recently, Shenzhen Ck Automation Control Technology Limited Company, a famous domestic developer of Machine Vision image processing software, has successfully developed a Machine Vision software that can accurately read instrument data by using visual image processing technology in response to the needs of a military region in Shenyang.           
The image algorithm of the system is based on the vision software package CkVisionV2.0 of Ck company. The distance measurement tool MeasureSpace of CkVision is used to measure the arc of the total scale of the whole table and measure its total radian. Then FindModel, the positioning tool of CkVision, is used to locate the position of the scale pointer in the total radian and track the pointer to read the data in real time.           

Considering the printing error of dial scale, the system gives the parameter setting of compensation error value, which effectively corrects the error caused by the printing error of dial. The system uses CCD Ck-30S black-and-white camera, PCI-V504 image acquisition card, 8 mm lens of Japanese megapixel, and CK-1230 white ring light as the light source, which ensures the stability and accuracy of the system. The resolution is up to 0.001 and the accuracy is 0.01 ° C.           
The system is especially suitable for the instrument data monitoring industry of high-risk operation and the instrument testing process of instrument manufacturers.

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