Company profile - CkVision official website
             Shenzhen CkVision Machine Vision Technology Co., Ltd.   is one of the top Machine Vision software algorithm development companies, as well as an excellent supplier of Machine Vision application solutions, and one of the earliest Machine Vision companies in China. 
        Innovative Technology has been engaged in low-level algorithm development since its inception, and has a large number of algorithm development experience and development talents. CkVisionSDK is one of the products developed with low-level algorithms. It is mainly provided to developers with programming experience. It has extremely flexible use. More, supporting various development languages ​​can create powerful and flexible application software. On the other hand, we also provide CkVisionBuilder, which is quickly developed for non-standard equipment. It has unparalleled development speed and can implement various logic processes in full accordance with the developer’s intention. The important thing is that it also provides powerful computing and processing capabilities. Have a variety of algorithm tools that have been tested and verified for a long time. 
       The company's current registered capital is 5 million+ million, and it is a national high-tech enterprise and Shenzhen Double Soft Enterprise. Has a number of technical invention patents and dozens of software copyrights. There is a professional Machine Vision laboratory and a project evaluation team with many years of experience in the headquarters. 
       We have been working hard. Our goal is to do our best in the field of machine vision and become one of the industry benchmarks. We want technology to improve productivity, benefit society and create wealth. Therefore, we have not stopped the pace of technological updates, using the best products to provide customers with quality services.

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