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Engineering recruitment

Recruitment requirements:

Hiring: 5 people

Job Requirements: Machine Vision Applications Engineer:

1、According to customer needs, choose a reasonable visual solution;

2、Guidance site visual part of the installation and technical confirmation, to participate in system debugging and programming;

3、Participate in the visual project feasibility study, analysis and plan formulation;

4、Machine vision part of the camera, light source and lens selection;

5、Work with other team members to complete other tasks assigned by the supervisor;

6、Responsible for the equipment before and after the factory installation and technical support;

job requirements:

1、23-35 years old, college degree or above, mechanical and electrical integration, electrical automation, electronics and other related professional;

2、1 year or above machine vision or related work experience is preferred;

3、Have a basic English, can read professional English information, can be simple English communication;

4、Proficiency in automation control process;

5、Proficiency in office automation software;

6、Have a basic English, can understand English mechanical and electrical information;

7、Good communication and presentation skills, active learning ability, willingness to accept new knowledge, team spirit and strong sense of responsibility;

8、Have a certain degree of computer vision, machine vision application knowledge;

9、VB, VC, C, C # language experience is preferred;

10、Understand the communication methods and principles in conventional electronic control systems

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