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Investment promotion and alliance:   

       CkVision has always been committed to developing the simplest and most powerful Machine Vision software in China, including CkVisionSDK, CkVisionOCX and CkVisionBuilder. Please refer to the product column of this website for detailed introduction of each software. Now in order to improve the product market coverage and service customer density and efficiency, Ck company sincerely invites partners from all over the country who are willing to engage in the vision industry to jointly develop the market, and contribute to China's intelligent manufacturing. Together, Ck company will create the era of Machine Vision belonging to the Chinese people.

Screening conditions for cooperative agents:

1. Understand the Machine Vision industry or experience in the industry.           

2. There are certain market resources or technology accumulation in the region.           

3. Recognize the brand and products of Ck, and be willing to make the famous brand stronger and bigger.           

4. Identify with the company culture of Ck, and be willing to work with Chuangke to explore the market and serve customers.


* In order to be able to process the information in time and feedback the results to you, it is recommended to contact us by emailClick send email

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